Monday, April 5, 2010

Unholy Embrace vampire novel by Neil Benson - an excerpt - the battle with the werewolves begins

When I glanced at my watch, I saw it was midnight. No coincidence, I thought. I opened the case and took out the shotgun, which I set down on the passenger seat. I opened my jacket, took two silver slugs from the bandoleer, and loaded them into the gun. Taking a deep breath, I stilled my trembling hands. When I next looked at my watch, fifteen minutes had passed. My sweating palms and dry mouth joined the rumbling in my stomach to form a chorus of anxiety. The water I sipped from a plastic bottle quenched my thirst, but I would have given anything for a Heineken. I rested my hands on top of the steering wheel so I could look at my watch and the front entrance at the same time.

I saw two blinks of the flashlight, and I started the car. I drove slowly until I climbed the curb. Then I increased the speed to ten miles an hour, as fast as I dared go over the rough terrain. During the bumpy ride, bricks and pieces of concrete hit the underside of the car with loud bangs.

Two dark shapes converged on Nessa. As I closed the distance, I could see two brown haired, muscular werewolves, much bigger than her. When the closest one lunged, she bent her knees, tossing it over her head and into the brick wall. The other werewolf wrapped its paws around her face, trying to gouge her eyes. She snapped her head forward, freeing herself from its grip, but the werewolf had raked its claws along her face. She rolled to the side, kicked it in the knee, and the creature howled as it crumpled.

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