Sunday, April 11, 2010

Unholy Embrace vampire novel by Neil Benson - the origins of the vampire

Nessa, the vampiress, talking about the origins of the vampire with Frank.**************************

“According to some versions of the Bible, Lilith was the original woman. God created Adam and Lilith from the Earth, but there was soon trouble between them. Lilith refused to take a subservient position to Adam, since she came from the same place he did. She left Eden and birthed her own children. God sent angels to bring her back, and when she refused, they promised they would kill one hundred of her children every day until she returned. Lilith in turn, vowed to destroy human children.”

“That's quite a story. Do you believe it?”

“I don't know whether it's true or just a legend. It doesn't have any bearing on my life, and it's not something I think about. On occasion, I have heard some talk about 'Pure Bloods.' I suspect they would be the direct descendents of Lilith. I've wondered whether the one who turned me might have been a pure blood. He barely resembled a human being. It gets confusing. There are legends from most areas of the world, and they describe vampires in many different ways.”

“You're not like any I read about this afternoon.”

Nessa laughed. “So you went to the library and read the reports of fools and idiots who dug up the corpses of poor humans. It never dawned on them there couldn’t be corpses of vampires because when they are killed, the body turns to ashes within a few minutes

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