Monday, May 24, 2010

Unholy Embrace vampire novel - killing vampires is a serious business

Killing vampires is a serious business. 

“During the latter part of the middle Ages, mortals became more sophisticated in their ability to hunt down and kill vampires. This effort became more significant with the development of the gun and then the rifle."
                                                                               In The Vampires among Us by Thaddeus Romans

The idea of farmers chasing vampires with pitchforks and axes is laughable. Soldiers armed with swords, spears. and arrows also posed no threat to the vampire. The vampire is too quick for even several armed men to pierce with a weapon. It medieval times, mortal man killed vampires by finding their resting place and putting a stake through their heart.

With the development of the gun, then the rifle, mortal man had weapons Vampires had to avoid in order to survive. Ordinary bullets cannot kill, or even seriously hurt a vampire, but it takes hours to recover from a bullet wound to the body.. A lead bullet into the heart of a vampire will not kill it, but will leave it in a weakened condition until it is removed. In Neil Benson's vampire novel, Unholy Embrace, the female vampire describes being shot, which was more of a shock than a painful injury.A hardened silver bullet can kill a vampire by hitting its heart or head. If it enters the body without killing the vampire, the vampire is in a state of torment and barely functional. Several silver bullets to the body can kill a vampire. It should be noted, that vampires are difficult targets because of the speed at which they can move.

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