Monday, November 28, 2011

The Night Librarian, a short story by Neil Benson, to be included in Satin Beauty

My short story,The Night Librarian, was accepted for publication inin Satin Beauty Anthology, to be published by Static Movement. The Night Librarian is a story about a librarian who helps the students at a local college during the day, and helps herself to the local students at night. The librarian is a succubus who uses The virility of the male students to a replenish her energy on a daily basis. She is a "good succubus" because the students are alive, but tired the following morning. Ancient myths portray Lilith as the mother of all succubi. She's also been accused of being the mother of all vampires.Clearly, the woman has a bad reputation. If you have a few minutes to kill, so to speak, type in "Lilith" into Google and I guarantee you will have a few very interesting minutes.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review of Unholy Embrace by Neil Benson Paula Phillips

PictureReview  by Paula Phillips: Unholy Embrace - Neil Benson -2010

A popular storyline lately has been the tale of the mortal/vampire love story and the majority of them have ended up writing the male as a Vampire and the female as the lovestruck mortal. One thing that I really liked in Neil Benson's book is that he decided to use gender reversed roles and make the male the lovestruck mortal and the female the Vampire. Having it this way, was a nice change for once.

The story starts when Frank and Nessa are out on a date and are attacked by Werewolves, the attack causes Nessa to extract her fangs and go all-vampirey , something that Frank hasn't really experienced before. From then on , we are transported back to the beginning -where they first met and how their relationship started and of course how they reached the point in the story.

What follows is Nessa explaining and opening her 400yr old heart to Frank and telling her story on how she became a Vampire starting in Hungary all the way to her travels via Vienna and Paris to the Present time in New York.  We read as the Werewolves attacks are just the beginning as Nessa has been on the run nearly 400 years and has been tracked by Narice - the vampire lover of the Vampire who turned Nessa and in return Nessa Killed out of vengeance.

When Frank realises the consequences and danger of being with Nessa , can he stand strong and embrace the unholiness of being with a Vampire or will he take the white feather coward option out and leave Nessa to follow a path of a normal life ?

An excellent story that shows readers in a paranormal and supernatural way that no matter what happens and how terrifying obstacles can be - love between not only mortals but mortals and supernaturals can stick together and overcome anything.