Sunday, May 16, 2010

Unholy Embrace a vampire novel by Neil Benson. - A confrontation between mortal and immortal

Nessa, the vampire, starts off the interchange.

"I was lonely, and I sought an interesting and attractive man and decided to let events take their own course.” She paused, lowered her eyes, and remained that way for a long time. Then her gaze sought mine. “It was never my intention to fall in love with you.”

“Love? What we've shared is lust. You haven't expressed feelings, at least verbally,” I said. “From the moment we met, events never took a natural course. You were the sexual aggressor controlling me from the start.”

“You need to take responsibility for your actions.” Her tone stabbed me like a sharp saber. “You made a choice when you responded to my smile and sat beside me. Whatever responses I evoked are part of your nature. My behavior was provocative, but I never apologize for whom I am. You’re an adult. You know the risks you take when you meet a stranger in a bar. Especially when she tells you she's a vampire.”

Her eyes, flat and hard, presented a side of her that I hadn't seen before.

I took a deep breath and met the measure of her gaze.

Nessa stood there, hands on her hips, staring defiantly at me. Now that I saw beyond her beauty, I could recognize her strength in living a life she never chose. I stood at a crossroad few men ever experienced. What I said next could decide the rest of my life. “I love you, but I have no idea how we can become more than lovers.”
First three chapters

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