Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Unholy Embrace a vampire novel - Vampires enter society

As European cities grew larger in the 18th century, it became easier for vampires to live among mortals. For the most part, vampires lived on the fringes of society. Even when they lived in cities, most vampires lived solitary lives. Some vampires were drawn to the flourishing culture that developed in European cities by the middle of the 19th-century.” 

 from the memoirs of Nessa Harcanu

Despite the extremely pale complexion of vampires they ran little risk of recognition. Most people never thought about vampires, or didn't believe in them. They were able to conduct business and engage in business transactions at night. Maintaining secrecy for survival meant that most vampires were frugal by nature. Over long periods of time, many of them were able to accumulate substantial amounts of money. They became shadow partners to businessmen who couldn't obtain loans through ordinary sources. Some vampires became patrons of the arts. The symphonies and arts in many European capitals benefited significantly by donations from vampires.

In the 20th century as cities grew massive. vampires could mingle in select segments of society. However, by now there was a greater awareness of what the vampire looked like, which forced them to expose as little skin as possible. The face could be made darker with the use of makeup. In the vampire novel, Unholy Embrace, by Neil Benson, Nessa, and the vampiress had extensive involvement with French impressionist artists.

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