Monday, March 18, 2013

My Vampire 's Aura - a dark poem by Neil Benson

My Vampire's Aura

My free will is gone;
your aura commands me.
You draw me each night,
to ecstasy and pain.

you show me your beauty,
but I know it's not real.
Your lovely face
masks a soul so dark.

After the pleasure,
you draw my life's blood.
You keep me alive,
till you need me no more.

The weaker I become,
the greater your pleasure.
The time is not long,
when you take my life from me.

Your promises are hollow;
I am one of many.
Bodies strewn through time;
discarded like waste.

Tonight will be special.
I have a treat for you.
The bright, silver dagger,
I found in your dresser.

When you take me in your arms,
I will end your undead existence.
My life is spent,
but others will be spared.

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