Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Night Time Lover - A dark poem about a succubus by Neil Benson

Nighttime Lover 
by  Neil Benson
A demoness who sucks the vital essence of men

You come to me at night,
loving me as no one has before.
Your kisses are a nectar,
that make my senses reel.
Your caresses light a fire,
that wraps me in white heat.

In your arms I find,
passions I cannot describe.
The ecstasy I feel,
burns me to my core.
Time and time again,
you take all of me.
In the morning light,
I find no trace of you.
Every day I wonder,
if you'll come once more.

                                                                             When the night arrives,
                                                                                 I feel you next to me.
                                                                               The thinner I become
                                                                     the stronger your embrace.
                                                                          My body begins to fade
                                                                         as yours feels more real.
                                                                                  Is my love enough?
                                                                          Or do you need my soul?
I fear the end is near.

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